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Lore Speculation: The Void, Orokin Towers, And Corruption

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So it appears the Orokin left more presents behind past the Technocyte plague.  How kind of them.  Now we get a plague and a rampant defense AI XD

The first time I entered the Void, I was so starry-eyed that I nearly got lazor'd to death by a basic corrupted Grineer, but now that I've had a few shots to shake off the awe at the new tileset and settle in, I've noticed quite a few intriguing things.


The Void

The first is the Void itself: from the outside, a shiny white light, from the inside, an eerily beautiful colour-inverted starscape.  So... what is it?  Based on the visual characteristics, I'd say that it's a safe bet the Void is one of two things: an artificial pocket dimension, or a stabilized black hole (wormhole if you're being boring) being used as a gate to another, pre-existing dimension.  Based on the presence (and necessity) of Void keys, and based on some of Lotus' transmissions (specifically the intro to the Raid mission), it's clear that the Void functions like an enormous lockbox.  But if it's so secure, then what the ever living F*** are these 'corrupted' bastards doing wandering around?


The Corrupted

What if the Orokin didn't just make one mistake (Technocyte plague) but two?  Neural Sentries, the automated guardians of the Orokin Towers in the Void, are clearly poweful.  What if they were too powerful?  Neural Sentries are, based on the nature of the corrupted, capable of seizing control of the mind of any entity they percieve as a threat.  If a Neural Sentry went rampant, or simply stopped discerning between friend and foe, forcing the Orokin to abandon the tower, then proceeded to seize control of the minds of any and all Corpus, Grineer, and Infested who came to try and ransack the place, then it would be reasonable to expect the Orokin would want to quarantine the tower.  But how do you quarantine an entire space station?

If the Void is the most secure place the Orokin had access to, then it would make sense that the Void isn't just concealing powerful Orokin secrets... it's a cell, for sentient Orokin weapons gone mad.


And now, god knows how long later, because it's so secure, because its so locked away and out of sight... it's one of the last things remaining of the Orokin.

Ironic that it's a prison.



Thoughts?  Opinions?  Theories of your own?

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