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The Corpus Thread


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There's no faction/AI subthread in feedback so I put it here, if a mod finds a better place to put it they can feel free to do so.


We all know the Corpus are lacking pretty badly in terms of variety, content, etc.


I'm making this thread to brainstorm ideas for improvement for the Corpus. I have some ideas and I hope others will pitch in with there own. There will be no TL:DR, good ideas are never summarised.


Try to categorize your Ideas into:

Customisation, Design, Units, Tech, and Weapons.



My input:



The Corpus have no icon pack, and less noggles than the Grineer (the only one being Salad V). we need crewman and moas. I mean damn, Excalibur has 3 variants already and no Corpus units?



The Grineer Ballista, and Lancer/Arid Lancer have variations that can be seen in game, such as the mask, and pieces of armour on there bodies that are randomized. It would be good for the Corpus crewman (and most other units to be honest) to get some minor visual differences between them, even if it's just a small attachment to the helmet, or a badge on the body. It would really help with immersion after seeing the same Crewman a thousand times over.



I know there are the female Corpus units to come,  but we have little information on them so far.


I suggest a cloaked Corpus unit that closes in on you and attacks with melee, the cloak would be more visible when the enemy closes in, and would temporarily disable while taking damage, at far away the cloak would be very difficult to see.


Also a variant on the Corpus Tech which would wield a Tetra and a deployable shield instead of an osprey, as described below.


I also think it could be interesting to make a small, quick, 4 legged Corpus proxy that deploys a line to it's enemy and slows its movement down by 25%, meaning that if four of these proxies got you at once they would stop your movement. These lines would be removable by melee, or by destroying the proxy. This line would be similar to the ancients line in the way it can be dodged, but it does not drag you or knock you down.




We know the Grineer are getting an inflatable deployable cover (as shown in the devstream), I think it would be good for the Corpus to have a similar version, except this one being based on shield technology, it would have a small base with a light bar on it, and the shield would project up off the base, it would be a physical shield and stop movement of units, Tenno, and projectiles through it. The shield itself would be transparent. The light bar would serve a function too, as the shield energy gets drained the bar would get shorter, when it empties, the shield would fall and take some time to reactivate, the difference between the Corpus shield and the Grineer one, is that the Corpus one would have less damage resistance but also the ability to recharge and reactivate. When the shield is down the device would be able to be destroyed before it recharges. The shield would absorb damage from both sides and therefore could be useful in combat to keep it up and use it against the enemy. The new Corpus tech variant that carries this shield could also drop a blueprint for the Tenno to craft there own deployable shield.




No Ideas for weapons right now, may update later.


As mentioned at the start, add your own ideas and suggestions. The Corpus need your help.

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The thing about the Corpus is they are more merchant than soldiers. But that's where people should start seeing opportunities in Corpus variety.

I'm not talking about more crewmen. No no no. I'm talking some assistance. Some hired muscle. I'm talking Mercenaries.

Yes, they seek profit. We know that already.

But it's more than just seeking profits.

As the old saying goes, "You have to spend money to make money."

If I were Corpus, I'd stop spending money on so many ships with trash-tier crewman, and start hiring mercenaries to fend off invaders.

If I'm doing a Spy mission, that ship must have some important data/items onboard. So important that it may not be wise to entrust its protection to just Corpus Crewmen.

I'd have a few mercenaries aboard.

Who knows what the mercenary might be? It could be a Grineer deserter. It could be some ultra-steroid human. It could be a freakin' Tenno.


Corpus, while lacking in actual combat tactics and weapon variety, should be compensating that with hired muscle.

Their main quest is for profit. They should know that certain situations call for investments in outside powers.


When it comes to the Corpus and their ways of fighting, we need to start thinking outside the box.

They've got money, which is quite a powerful tool. Let's see them put it to use.

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The thing about the Corpus is they are more merchant than soldiers. But that's where people should start seeing opportunities in Corpus variety.


Well this isn't just about the Corpus units, this is expanding on the factions presence in warframe in general. Mercenaries could be neat though, although it would be good to have some form of recognition that these mercenaries are in fact working for the Corpus, like a holographic badge, or syandana, or something.

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...are in fact working for the Corpus, like a holographic badge, or syandana, or something.

But of course.

You can't have a paid Grineer, Tenno, alien, or what-have-you running around your ship without identification.

That would just be silly.

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