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Randomly Get Stuck Going From Land To Aquawing


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I've been hit by this bug twice now. Once while I was doing a mission solo (had to scrub) and once while doing Tyl Regor as a group (didn't get a BP...augh!). I jump into the water (or walk, or whatever) and I'm in my archwing, but I can't move. At all. If I right click I can turn to face my cursor, but I can't even mouselook anywhere! I'm stuck looking in one direction! Can't shoot, can't move, can't anything!


With Tyl Regor, it happened when the room flooded. My HP was zero but I had full shields. The AFK sensors tripped and I got NOTHING.


Don't know what caused it, but the second time I think I was reloading. Don't think I was reloading the first time.




This bug is really starting to cheese me off. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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There is a small bug when entering water on the tyl regor boss fight. it causes your archwing to deploy and block you from moving and all other actions besides aiming. this not only happened to me but two other people in my game within minutes of eachother.


Please fix as soon as possible. 


Thank you.

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