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Constant Fps Drops/stuttering Since U17


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getting constant fps drops of 15-20 frames on all tilesets all frames


my pc has:

intel i5 4670k quad core 3.4ghz

16gb ram

250gb samsung ssd 840

amd radeon 7800


tried turning new glare fx off and on no change


have all settings maxed ran smooth at 60 fps before

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I'm not really getting FPS drops, but for some reason all animations and camera movement seem weirdly jittery or low-fps, while stuff in the background itself seems oddly fine. It's hard to explain, you just kind of have to see it:



It's been there since before Update 17, for around 5-ish weeks I wanna say.



Win10 Pro 64-bit



R9 290 GPU - 15.7.1 Catalyst Drivers

Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB SSD


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So, I was actually able to fix this weird framerate bug by disabling 64-bit mode. Seems to run, for the most part, exactly like it used to.


The only visual difference I've noticed is that it no longer gives decimal places for my framerate in the corner, showing 16.0 ms and 60.0 FPS instead of 16.7 ms and 59.9 FPS, but that has nothing to do with gameplay.

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unplayable at any settings since U17.

ASUS G771JM gaming laptop with i7-4710HQ and Geforce GTX 860m (1GB ram on that).

I had to overclock my graphics card to be able to play even at the lowest/off settings, on login screen its pretty solid 300fps and some 150-250 in liset at first but soon falls to sub 30.

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