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Crucial Bug Regarding Multiple Players & The Sentinel Drone.


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So I've been co-oping Titania (Tyl Regor Assassination) with my little brother for 6-7 hours straight and while we did get the blue flicker a lot, the drone itself was nowhere to be found. My little brother got fed up half an hour ago and gave up, and I decided to carry on without him (going Solo).


And lo' and behold, the first time I ever got the blue flicker I almost ran straight into the Drone!


There seems to be a very nasty bug where it doesn't spawn at all, or doesn't spawn "right" when you are playing co-op. Our 6-7 hour session is just too long, with too many blue flickers, for it to be a coincidence for it to spawn "right" the very first time I attempt it solo.

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