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Volt displaying wrong cost for abilities


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When i use the Volt's 2nd ability it still displays 50 energy being used. (it does only subtract 25 from the energy pool)


And when i use his 3rd ability it says 75 energy. (again still only subtracts the correct amount from the energy pool)


might have the same problem with overload, but i haven't checked yet...

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That's just diplaying the Affinity you're earning by using said abilities.

For example, when I use Trinity's Ult, it says Power - 200, but it only costs 100.

It clearly says "50 Power", not "50". I had a guess that it shows doubled power numbers from affinity boosters, but it seems to be the case with or without.

Volt's energy costs got changed on Speed, Electric Shield and Overload, they just havnt changed the text when activating the ability thats all

That display happens for all frames, and has happened way before the recent patches, too.

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