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Controller Key Binding Issue.


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             Previously, AIM and Secondary Fire have been set to LT. At the same time.



         As such Penta weapon type aiming is possible NOW, it is currently not possible previously mentioned.



         please, we need option to Previously Style( penta weapon type Ignored AIM, LT works for Secondary Fire. ).



         i want play by controller.


        see note, how i use.



        Jump                  : A Button


        Fire Weapon      : Right Trigger


        Aim Weapon     : Left Trigger


       Secondary Fire    : Left Trigger  ( can't now.. please, old style option.. )


       Toggle Crounch   : Right Stick Press


       Sprint / Roll         : Left Bumper


       Context Action     : X Button


       Quick Melee         : Right Bumper


       Melee Attack        : Right Bumper


       Melee Block         : Left Trigger


       Melee Channel      : Right Trigger


      Switch Weapon      : Y Button


      Item Popup             : D-Pad Down


      Move Up                : Right Stick Press


      Move Down           : A Button


      Power A                 : D-Pad Right


      Power B                 : B Button


      Power C                 : D-Pad Up


      Power D                 : D-Pad Left


     Reverse Camera      : Left Stick Press


     Show Level Map     : Select

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