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Feedback (From Two Days Play)


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So, here is my feedback on Warframe:


I think Warframe is a very fun, engaging and intense entry into the 3rd person genre. I particularly like the jump in/out co-op play which is something a lot of current generation LAN gamers crave (there is definately a lack of decent co-op PC games)


Although I am very happy with the combat and fluidity of movement as it is, I think there should be more benefit and visual acknowledgement of chaining attacks and performing epic feats. I would also love to see the after mission stats expanded to include acknowledgement of these feats.


One more point about combat, there should definately be random/triggered slowdowns on certain kills, for example if you power attack 2 people in twine, even if this involved the other player slowing down to view this, it would add an extra level of intensity (you could even cut the music on the 1 second slowdown for added effect)


Now onto the levelling system, basically it isn't progressive in the right way. I understand that the game is meant to be run as a microtransaction model, but the lack of immediate upgrades and advancement mean that some people may not be engaged with the development, purchasing and customising of their warframes.


As far as I am aware, I am not level 2 yet, so I am completely unable to get any sort of decent equipment upgrade at all without paying (if this is wrong then do correct me) if this is the case then the microtransaction model is not going to get used by people who don't want to have to do 30-40 free to play missions just to try another piece of equipment or a new warframe.


It would be far better if you could have some instant gratification up to a certain point and then you need to start paying, make the long gaps between free to play advancement here, not in the first few times you switch the game on!


Thank you for reading!



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