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Ai Bug In Tower Iv Defense


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Hi there, today we went to the t4 def mission and planned to do till wave 50

After reaching wave 15 the enemies were begining to come in waves of 3 or 4 ande very very delayed, making the defense really unplayable because took us like 2 hours and half to reach wave 35, i dont know why, but we were persistent and we decided to continue to see if the problem was the defense being nerfed, but it only got worse, there was a time when enemies stopped coming, they didn't appear at all, once again, we were persistent and tried to figure it out how we can fix this bug. And the solution we managed to find is that all four of us, must to go to a corner of the room, far from the pod, and be far enough from the enemies spawn points to let them appear, we didnt know if cry or laugh, but well, we got to wave 40 in 3 hours 20 min. We suffered a LOT! we considered quitting but we're not that type of guild. 


Im writing this because the defense now as it is is really unplayable, it's annoying and you suffer by doing it (if you wanna go far)


Thanks from now if this is readed by someone who can do anything and keep up the excelent work with this incredibly game. 



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