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Stalker Reward Drops Do Not Propagate For All Players


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I was playing a defense mission with a friend and the Stalker appeared, out to get me.

We killed him in the break between shots from Corpus and he dropped a Hate blueprint that my friend picked up and that showed up in his foundry after the game, but I never saw the drop and it didn't show up in my foundry afterward.

He was the host and I was the client, if that matters.

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Nothing dropped from his smoking dead corpse that I could pick up. I was watching very closely for any sort of item, considering that I knew the Stalker now drops rare rewards.

He also did the normal failure dialogue and was invulnerable for a second while at 1/10 of his health before his mesh disappeared.

I'm well aware that these drops should be propagating for all players, hence the bug report. The point is that it didn't drop for me, but dropped for another person.

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