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Endless Void Keysi/ii/iii....hiring Bounty Hunters....


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Just reset my account due to lots of terrible purchases...and i m too lazy to spend another 100 hours to get things back

Here is how it works...

I create room...

I invite u guys...

My little brother will follow u guys in game and loot...

Again...again...and again....

Offer only opens to Rank 5 players and above

Just add MrSoda in game


P.S 1 - dont chat spam me in game TY!

P.S 2 - i ll accept all friends...but only 3 ppl available at a time u know

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Rank 5 you mean Mastery right?


Because if that's the case, that's just rude to those players that reset as well.

Getting a Vauban re-ranked since I added a good Polarization point in :L

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So you want people to do all the work for you so you can be back to where you were before you reset your account thing?  Isn't that kinda lazy?

Not really he is creating the room investing his materials and giving you and opportunity to gain something you could not achieved other way

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