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Ideas For New Raids/trial Missions (Post Ideas Here)


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Lately in the 'Tubemen of Regor' update, we got a taste of our very first 'Trial/Raid' Mission, and i gotta admit, it was very, very, unique and clever. But i know that it takes effort for DE to make these types of adventures, and with Greatness comes effort, and with effort comes time, time that us tenno could use to pitch in ideas for new raid/trial adventures.



So here is your chance to speak up and give ideas so maybe if DE are reading this topic, maybe your idea could be used in their next big adventure.  


I even have a few ideas myself.



Name:The Ghost Phantom


Intel: Lately, an ancient ghost ship has appeared in the solar system, and it is filled with infested, (or) a new enemy type (if possible) phantoms.  You must navigate through the massive never-ending, haunted ship, in search of their Leader, Cpt. Morris da' Pheno, and once you reach him, take him down. But your Tenno skills alone cannot defeat Him, for you must rely on the power of your only hope of survival, the Archwing.  Your objectives for this mission are no simple task. You must Eliminate as many phantoms as possible to lure out reinforcements. Once reinforcements arrive, eliminate them, then procede to the next area. You must then Defend a helpless phantom cephalon while he hacks security. If the cephalon is destroyed, then the mission is a failure. If the chephalon is successfully protected, you will then be able to procede to the next area. Here is where things get crazy. Your squad must split up and defend two sides of a portal activator, this portal will lead into an alternate dimension in which you are able to eliminate the leader himself. Once the portal activator defense objective is completed, you will then be able to head to the main room itself. Once you get to the assassination area, you will be tasked with destroying 6 main energy leeching phantom cephalons that constantly reduce the team's energy, while providing energy to the phantom leader. Using the provided energy, the phantom leader will summon an energy shield to prevent himself from attacking, although he cannot attack others.  Once the phantom cephalons are destroyed, you will then be able to deal damage to the phantom leader himself. The Phantom Leader will not allow you to simply attack him. He will use everything in his arsenal to retaliate. Once The Tenno Reduce the phantom leader's health to 80%, he will activate back-up energy siphon cephalons. This time instead of 6 cephalons he will summon 12. Once those are destroyed, he will once again be vulnerable to attacks. This time though, his attacks will be 25% more deadly. Once players reduce his health to 50%, he will once again summon more backup cephalons, except this time, they will be 50% more shielded, and they will activate an ability where a certain number of cephalons will target one player each per cephalon, after the cephalon has chosen its target, it will propel towards the player. If the cephalon comes into contact with a player (targeted or not) it will explode on contact, and will instantly down the player in exploded near. These cephalons can still be damaged and destroyed before they can reach their targeted player. Once all cephalons are down, the phantom leader can then be attacked once again, however he will have a 45% increase in power, and a 30% increase in armor. Once he Has been reduced to 20% Health, he will summon his 4th and last set of cephalons. These cephalons will now be able to shoot lasers that cause 14% damage, their armor will be increased by 20%, and more cephalons will target for explosion. Once all cephalons are destroyed, the phantom leader will enter his last, but most powerful state. With an increase of 65% power and 40% armor. Once the phantom leader is reduced to 0% health, its not time to celebrate yet. The phantom leader's current existence has been put in suspension, but we Need to end it for good. As the final step in the adventure you must travel to the core of the ship, then place detonation charges on its core. Once the charges have been placed, a timer set at 3:30 will count down before they explode. You must then rush to extraction, along with the rest of your team, before the timer runs out. Once the team makes it to extraction, a cinematic will show, of you getting on your ship, and taking off, while the ghost ship is blown to bits.



And that is the end



You are awesome if you read this entirely. 


But anyway, lets get our ideas out there, shall we?

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