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Clan Halls - More Variety In Rooms Please


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I would like to see some more variety in the pieces you can use to make your clan hall.


So far it just seems to be halls or one giant room. The labs, oracle and the duelling room (which don't really assist with layout).


I'd like to see a room with 6-8 doorways. Maybe something like the prisoner room on the Corpus ship, that way I don't have to build hallways everywhere for my multiple labs.


A room where people can practice their wall running and wall jumping.


A room that mirrors the trial room, complete with fake enemies (Not sure how you would pull that off).


A hanger where people can just zap into missions without having to leave the dojo.  Or maybe some type of room where you can leave to go on clan raids.


A command center, that lists all the players stats and the clans overall stats, in larger format, without having to go through the UI menus.

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I think room costs should scale with the number of people in your clan.

That would be way too easy to exploit. I don't know what the solution is, but people would just start construction with small clans, then invite a crap-ton of people.

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