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Ash - Stuck After Blade Storm


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The execution of the Blade Storm it feels slower and with interruptions, sometimes the animation is repeated, other times there is a significant delay when Ash jumps from one enemy to the next one. By significant, I mean like 1 - 2 sec or more.


Also when you try to launch the Blade Storm, it is increasingly dificult to target. Most of the time you get invalid target - not clear is this is related to the fact that at that moment were several AOE affecting the targets. It helps with the targeting if you zoom in - most like Trinity used to behave (not sure if this is fixed now) when the Energy Vampire was used at the distance.


There are cases when the execution doesn't end in the starting point and others when you do end up in the starting point, but you are stuck and not able to move nor use any of your abilities or even the chat.


It is very easy to reproduce the problem in a Dark Sector defence mission like Eris - Akkad, for ex. Just jump on a high spot and use the blade storm from there. Play in a full team with other players using AOE abilities and weapons with explosive ammo.

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