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Invisible Tyl Reegor


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I've encountered a bug where Tyl Reegor will become invisible for the last part of his fight.  I was playing with a friend with him as host and this happened three times.  I believe it happened because I managed to "kill" him before he had finished all of his phases, I was using my newly buffed Hek.


While invisible, his normal attacks dealt no damage to me, but for my friend (the host) he would continue to attack me.  My sentinel or kubrow would continue to attack him and take damage.  His rocket fist move would knock me down and deal some damage to me, but otherwise I was unable to participate in the fight once i had "killed" him and he was invisible.


I was also having some problem with my Kubrow not pathing to the upper balcony when the room flooded, it would remain under the water and get downed and wouldn't return to my side until I had entered another room.

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