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Strict Nat


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I'm pretty sure most people here know what strict nat is, and its really giving me trouble with the new void areas and the clan dojo since it messes with joining sessions and seeing people as logged in to join sessions. I've forwarded ports, reset the router, disabled/enabled upnp, and tried screaming obscenities at the computer screen. I know its not the provider because we haven't changed providers and I never got strict nat before. I know its not the router because other games use upnp just fine. Its also probably not my firewall because I've never had any issues with my firewall with any of my 10+ other multiplayer games.


I'd honestly prefer it if i could just disable upnp completely since that seems like what is causing the issue and its only useful for more than one person on a network playing warframe at once, but after disabling it in game and on the router the game still complains about it


It seems that from asking around my clan, lots of people also suffer this same issue, so if anyone has any idea for a fix I'm certain a lot a people would appreciate it.

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