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My Personal Review Of U17


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    Let me preface this review by giving some background to myself, I have been playing Warframe since March of 2013 I am at the moment MR16 my average play time of Warframe is about four hours a day, not all at once but broken up over the course of the day, with that being said lets move on to the review.


    The Weapons-So far I have only used the Harpak, once fully modded it's a pretty fun weapon and not bad on damage, I was able to take it to a T1D and do really well to wave 20 without any damage fall off. Range is good on it but it tends to buck up so you have to either add a stabilizer mod or aim below your target as well as leading it if it moving. Flight speed is a draw back.  The shotgun upgrade was a great addition and I hope they leave them alone now, damage and range fall off are where they should be.


     Equinox- To be honest I'm still trying to figure them out as far as powers go, her design is quite interesting and the idea of two Warframes in one is brilliant. This Warframe really makes you think on your feet as to which aspect to use at the moment. 


      Parkour 2.0 This is the big one, the thing that will change how you play Warframe. I'm sure like everyone your still hitting "E" like I do to move, breaking over two years of muscle memory has been a challenge but once you get it down you can pretty much go anywhere now. Many will miss coptering because there will be those who are always resistant to change no matter how beneficial but I think with plenty of practice everyone will see what the devs see, so be patient with the new movement system.


      The New Water Tileset and Sharkwing- The tileset is absolutely beautiful, I would have liked to just cruise around and admire everything but a little tough when being shot at. One negative I found of the tileset it seems cramp and not as spacious as I would think a ocean would be. Kudos to finally making Archwing/Sharkwing part of Warframe by giving the missions on Uranus a duality. Whomever does the voice for Tye Regor great job at giving him a great personality and making this boss fight really mean something.


       Capes/Cloaks-Love love them, I'm usually not big on cosmetics but I love these cloaks, to me they add so much more personality to the Warframe. I made the suggestion to Steve that it would be nice if we could design our own sigil or coat of arms to put on our cloaks and he mentioned he could see that happening.


      So this is my own review so far, I'm sure I've missed some things or maybe not gone in depth enough but as far as I'm concerned two thumbs up for U17, kudos to the whole dev team for their hard work and dedication. 

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I completely agree. I personally love the new parkour, everything is so much smoother and I really don't feel clunky like I did coptering and momentum slamming into walls. The fact I can use any melee weapon I want as well as completely bypass a slow frame's sprint speed(lightning dash is god), makes me really happy. The dev team should be proud, this update can be classified as Jesus tier.

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basically yes


my only grips so far are small overlooked details


tyl regor's personal unique melee can be researched in the dojo without ever seeing him, why doesnt the ack/brunt drop in parts from him? it just doesnt make any sense


loki still cant use disarm in mid-air, but he can use invis? why? where's the logic?


cant throw the glaive while on a wall-latch or on a zipline =[, sadface


mid-air directional melee should still give at least a SMALL movement/acceleration/velocity, becuz now with the forward momentum its incredibly hard to use it to hit sensors/ospreys/etc


reflex guard should prolly be upp'd to 90+% since blocking no longer stops all dmg


we should be able to trade more things, ie resources, arghwing weapon parts, etc


im reaching now, so i guess thats it for now

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