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Wts Rank 9 Serration (Halfway Fused To R10)

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(READ WHOLE POST BEFORE REPLYING) Hey guys, I'm trying to sell a Rank 9 Serration (halfway to rank 10) for 140p. Please be greatful and don't ask me to max it. I've spent all of my Rare 5 Cores to max my duplicate Serration and I currently have NO fusion core left. You can probably max it yourselves anyway. I have had LOTS of trouble trying to sell it, and I need to sell it just for some plat so I can get it out of my stash of mods. Please, be greatful and buy it if you want to, nobody else did, and I've been so upset trying to sell it that I've almost given up on trading. Please be kind.

PS4 IGN: Excalibur624

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