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Exilus Adapter


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Did I understand it right: It gives ONE frame an utility slot and per Exilus Adapter you need:


2 Forma

1 Orokin Cell

1 Argon Crystal


50000 Standing with Cephalon Simaris


I would use them if the BP would be reusable but if you need 50000 Standing (which is annoying to get) for a slot where most people will need to forma a frame so you can even start thinking about fitting another mod in, I won't even bother to get this time-waster

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well ... it was supposed to be a time-sink if you want another slot ... Also, it's not like you need it on all frames, just the ones you did put the most effort in Like my trinity with 3 formae


Also, as you complete the quest you get one crafted AFAIK.

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