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Wts Rare Various Rare Mods

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Leave a reply here or message me in game if you are interested. I'll update this list if my inventory changes.


Continuity x2 4p

Streamline x1 4p
Intensity x5 4p
Undying Will x2 2p
Reflex Guard x3 1p
Natural Talent x1 3p
Rage x1 4p
Shock Absorbers x1 1p
Flow x2 4p
Vigor x1 3p
Quick Thinking x3 6p
Wildfire x1 7p
Rifle Ammo Mutation x1 1p
Shotgun Ammo Mutation x2 1p
Sniper Ammo Mutation x1 1p
Ravage x5 2p
Vital Sense x5 2p
Hell's Chamber x1 8p
Shred x1 4p
Breach Loader x1 8p
Frigid Blast x1 8p
Scattering Inferno x1 8p
Metal Auger x1 1p
Pistol Ammo Mutation x3 1p
Barrel Diffusion x1 3p
Seeker x1 1p
Steady Hands x1 3p
Bleeding Willow x1 4p
Cleaving Whilwind x1 3p
Coiling Viper x3 2p
Iron Phoenix x3 3p
Malicious Raptor x1 3p
Pointed Wind x1 2p
Seismic Palm x2 2p
Sundering Strike x2 1p
Virulent Scourge x1 5p
Volcanic Edge x1 5p
Energy Channel x6 3p
Whirlwind x2 6p
Power Throw x7 3p
Coolant Leak x1 3p
Fired up x6 2p
Morphic Transformer x1 4p
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