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Wts> Event Mods And Other Collector Items + Arcane Helmet

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WTS> Event Mods and Other Collector Items


Puncture mod set: 1250p

(Auger Strike, Breach Loader, Piercing caliber, Bore) SOLD


Bore 250p


Slash mod set: 1150p

(Buzz Kill, Fanged Fusillade, Maim, Sweeping Serration) SOLD


Maim 150p

Sweeping Serration 150p


Impact mods

Pummel 60p

Crash Course 65p

Collision Force 60p


Tethras Doom mod set: 250p

(High Voltage, Jolt, Voltaic Strike, Shell Shock)


Breeding Ground mod set: 60p

(Thermite Rounds, Scattering Inferno, Scorch, Volcanic Edge)


Cryotic Front mod set: 65p

(Frostbite, Rime Rounds, Frigid Blast, Vicious Frost)


Arcane Aurora Helmet Frost: 55p


Mag P Set 100p

Mag P Helmet 40p


I have Prime Parts for Boar and Dakra too. If you are intersted in any of this, PM me at the forums or msg me ingame.


Prices are negotiable.

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