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Falling Through Dojo And Getting Stuck In The Ground


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Okay, so I was in the dojo just sort of messing around - we didn't have the plat to speed up the construction of part of the dojo, so I didn't have much else to do - and I was in the Clan hall.  You know those bits on the left and right sides with the pipes on them that sort of curve inwards towards the center of the room as they get closer to the ceiling? (I'll post screenshots once I figure out how in case you don't know what I'm talking about.)


Well, I tried to wall-run up one of them, and a most curious thing, happened. Not only did I go through the curved bit (the wall-run mechanic treated the bottom of the curve as the top of a wall and sent me flying over it), but I went over to the other side of the wall and fell into a bottomless pit.


After a few seconds, one of two things happened: Either I would die and have to use a revive, only to not actually be revived (I found this one out this morning), or (as I discovered last night) I would reappear at the clan hall, but stuck in a portion of the ground.


Again, I'll take screenshots to show you...once I figure out how to take screenshots.  

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