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Computer Crashing



This is a problem I've been having with my computer for awhile and I've tried just about everything I can think of (and could find on google) to fix it.


When I first stated playing warframe I ran into no issues, however, as I played it more the computer, not just the game, would begin to spontaneously crash. I would be given no warning either in noises or framerate the computer just instantly shutdown making a powerdown noise (like if you hold the button to power it down).


The problem appears to be completely random. At first it was limited to just being after extended play sessions, but then it came quicker. Then I thought i was related to the void, however, I have begun to crash even when sitting on the liset just messing with mods.


Graphics settings are as low as they can go running in windowless fullscreen. I have tried both with and without the multicore option on, both Direct X 10 and 11 have been disabled or been on before.


I have ran several heat monitoring programs and I don't think it's an overheating issue because my computer runs hotter during the update process than it does in game (about 85ºC in update, 80ºC in game even lower when I'm not in missions only about 70ºC in the liset using HWMonitor).


Today I was able to complete parkour 2.0 training, but crashed about 5 minutes while on the Liset looking at mods. Last time I tried to play before this my computer crashed immediately upon spawning in the liset but prior to this I could at least get a mission or two in before it crashed.


The laptop specs:


32x Windows 7 (I was at first running 64x windows 8 professional edition, but when I was having a different issue the IT department at my school decided that maybe windows 7 would run better, although it meant that my maximum ram was downgraded from 8gb to 3gb due to the OS)

CPU - Intel Core I7-3540M

RAM - 8gb or RAM (currently can only use 3gb I need to have this fixed soon I am unsure of the make of the RAM)

GPU - AMD Radon HD 7500/7600M series

I am running warframe off an external hard drive, however, I have tried it while on the main hard drive and have had the same issue.


I have looked up the error cords and all it says is that an unexpected error caused the system to crash. It gives no real indication of what it was.


I've been leaning on overheating I know I need to clean the fans out, but the temperatures lead me to believe that's not the issue.

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Nearing 90ºC is already too hot. It does seem like it could be overheating or dust itself clogging up the insides. Either get it cleaned up, or do it yourself if you know how to, or buy a can of compressed air and blow at your computer from a safe distance. They should come off cheaper than getting it cleaned up at a store, but keep in mind that it's not as good, although it should cool your computer and get rid of some of the dust clogging up your system. - If you still however have guaranteed warranty, then send it to the manufacturer. Should take a few weeks, maybe more, maybe less.

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