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The Merciful Hostage: Stockholm Syndrom


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My newly-rescued-hostage was obviously sentimental with the MOA/Crewmen that was surrounding him in layers and blocking his way. He simply refused to step on any of these guys to get out when they were already downed on the ground when I did the jump£, repeatedly.


They were his captors.


It was a random mission in which I also needed to collect data at 4 data terminals.


Done all that after the rescue and this happened on the way to extraction.




Just had to quit and channel this.


Hope something can be done so we'll not be rescuing hostages who will try to get themselves killed in the last minute.



Thanks. It's an awesome game plus nice updates.



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They need to fix the rescue missions.

The fact that the hostage follows the person CLOSEST to the extraction..is $&*&*#(%&. Oh i understand why, but its still $&*&*#(%&.

I have a 3 person group I play with avidly. Myself (Rhino), a Trinity and a Ash/Loki/Banshee (They can never decide).

Im..Rhino..with a Gram. Our method, which has worked oh so well, was for me to clear a path through the chaos with my two squishyer companions focusing important targets and working what gets past me (plenty does, but is usually all cc'd to hell by that point).


So the hostage..she follows me. Probably the WORST place to be. I have 750Shields/500HP right now, plus Iron Skin, I can take some punishment...that hostage will die if they get hit with a wet noodle.


1)Give us some ability to choose who the bloody flux the hostage will follow.

2)Give us the ability to tell the hostage to go HIDE ffs. (Oh look, a wave of infested, bish..go find a corner and stay out of sight)


I hate rescue missions and I avoid them whenever possible because of the herp-derp-fail mechanics of the hostage.

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