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Strun Wraith Ammo Resets When Exiting Water


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^This. The ammo resets to 8 shells each time I exit Sharkwing (Sharchwing?) despite receiving a full reload of 13 before entering the water.


Running RhinoP w/ Immortal skin, Strun Wraith, Despair, Dakra Prime, Helois w/ the new Cephalon skin, and Rifle Amp.  Everything is L30.


Found during an Exterminate mission on Uranus, don't have the name in front of me.


Edit: Ammo remains at 8 when exiting thereafter.  If I enter the water with less than 8 shells remaining, the ammo count remains correct.  So possibly the water-exit-reconfiguration isn't respecting my Strun Wraith's magazine mod?


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