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A Bit Of Constructive Criticism For 17.0


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A list of constructive requests AND bug reports gathered from a group of veterans and intermediate players.

Exilus adaptors ~  can we please have this item allow us to polarize the slot that it unlocks considering it costs 2 forma to build and as it stands will generally cost players at the very least one more forma to keep the same build and the mod that goes there? if not, please make forma an 11 hour build

Rush -  as a mod does not seem to affect the animation speed of anything you do in parkour actions, if it did, it would be nice.

Parkour 2.0 ~ the idea is great, many of us like it, a lot of us don't and it's not hard to see where the problems lie within it. given reasons for doing it vary in validity, i agree, it very much opens up the wonderful world of melee options when you do not link melee to movement. however this is by no means easier to do than it used to be. so many hand cramps since it begun, but we will get used to it.

Wall hop(vertical) - glorious, never change this please.
Wall hop(horizontal) - it works, but it seems a bit goofy, speed of this action seems reasonable.

Wall Latch - needs to last a base of 12 seconds before mods. the idea is great, but it doesn't let you be quite as sneaky as it should.

Aim Glide - (camera angle/distance causes issues) perhaps when you're doing this, make your frame go alpha(partly transparent) or zoom the camera out so players can actually aim effectively while doing it.
Bullet Jump - (slow, but a great idea) the amount of ground covered by default without mods is fine, but the animation and the speed at which you go from point a to point be needs to be sped up at least 25%
Rocket jump - (slow, but amazing) same general opinion as bullet jump, works great, but needs to be a faster animation from point A to B.
Directional melee - moving your frame considerably more than it does now while in the air made it a lot easier to do its job in hitting airborn mobs, there's quite a bit less control in the air and a lot less control of these mobs when you're either out of ammo or trying to deal with such a foe with your melee weapon. we'd like to see this particular thing come back, but not to the degree it was, like, perhaps cap the midair melee launch distance to a 15-meter vaulting that can't be modified by attack speed.

Depleted Reload -  you said this would be useful on multiple weapons. it is not by any means, it should be extended to all primary weapons, not only snipers, the depletion of the magazine should max out at 75% (12.5% per rank) allowing players to get the magazine of a 4 shot weapon down to 1 bullet and the reload speed should be increased by the same amount (75%. 12.5% per rank) and its mod points raised to 9 this would allow for more 1-2 shot builds with fast reloads across all primary weapons and would make it a viable alternative to primed fast hands where magazine size wasn't overly important.

Bugs- we know you're working on them, but here's a few we've been running across.~

there are at least 2 bugs with relation to reviving, one stops reviving players from retaining control of their characters even after the downed person is revived, the other keeps breaking the revival link and the player's bleedout timer.

transfer from water to land in sharkwing situations is not particularly smooth, it is sometimes difficult to leave the water, while other times you leap out of the water and remain in flight for extended periods after leaving the water.

when zoning into a mission, if the mission has already begun and you're joining late and players are underwater, you are left on the ocean floor with no archwing, forcing players to parkour the way out if they even can.(most commonly on tyl regor map)

sometimes when exiting water and transferring to land, players will find themselves at roughly 1/4th their normal size.
Left Arm wielded grakata of twin grakata doesn't visibly appear to have a recoil, the right arm weapon shakes while firing while the other sits still


shaky camera for no apparent reason still exists.


not clear if strun and strun wraith changes were deliberate or accidental, but the reload timer they have been set to is obscenely long for such a small magazine size without damage being increased in pve considerably further. you also don't seem to be able to reload the weapon while sprinting, jumping or wall hopping.

sometimes kubrows appear caffienated, they're occasionally jittering in place on the kubrow pad. also occasionally running into an issue where kubrows are not gaining affinity, relogging appears to fix it temporarily.

if you do enough damage, sometimes tyl regor dies mid fight, then respawns for the next phase.


not new to 17.0, but i'd bet sugatra sales would go up 10-fold if their positions were manually set to positions that made any sense on most weapons.


not new to 17.0, but mesa's stances on every other frame make hilarious things happen to armor attachments.




Any future edits to be added below here based on anything helpful being brought to my attention including posts within this thread.



During Tyl Regor Fight kubrows tend to have issues with ever leaving the submerged part of the arena, so they sit there and just die to the electrified water.

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