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[Lions Fi Zion] Is Now Recruiting! Complete Dojo. All Research Complete.


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                                                                               LIONS FI ZION

LIONS FI ZION is a laid back Shadow clan with 28 members strong and counting. Our unique clan emblem is pictured above.

We are now part of a growing Active Alliance (14 CLANS and counting) - MK ULTRA

Dojo Features

1. All Labs built with ALL RESEARCH COMPLETE.
2. Teleporters for easy access.
3. Dueling room
4. Obstacle course
5. Observatory


1. Teamspeak is NOT an entry requirement, in fact we have NO entry requirements, we will be accepting all mastery ranks!

All we ask is that you contribute resources to help finish research / builds etc, but we are not very stringent about this compared to some other clans. Contribute what you can whenever you can!


1. We welcome new players who need help progressing forward - unlocking maps, completing quests, farming resources etc
2. We share mods, parts and other items.
3. ALL members have access and input in the matters of the clan, which means that promotion is not even an issue.
4. We reward players who contribute most to the clan with keys, mods, parts etc.

5. Lots of online players in our growing alliance.

Clan Future

1. We are in process of expanding and redesigning the whole dojo and we are willing to take your input.
2. We have completed solar rail / specter research in preparation for WAR!

3. We are starting at completing daily Raids (normal and nightmare). 

We are a small, close knit group that help each other out and we want to help you too!

Send me a PM for interest or whisper in game @SandmanTT

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