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T1 Sabotage Boos Bug & Seeds


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At a 17.0.2 T1 Sabotage all was going well. Made it through the gate ok, found the bosses, killed the first easily enough. The second showed up, Ven'kra Tel, and 15-20 minutes worth of trying to kill it I couldn't do any damage to it. Shotgun, pistols, melee, all of Nova Primes forces made no damage to it even when I had it pinned to the wall. Depleted all my ammo twice. Nova's #4 would cover the boss but wear off after a while. Finally force quit the game.

BTW still encountering invisible seeds and quitances just like the last build. They show up on my loot radar and trigger the X pickup label, but otherwise can't be seen. The first 1-2 are usually visible, but after that usually nothing to see.



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And again. Had my Nyx Prime solo T1 Sabotage; greased one right away, and could do ZERO damage to the other until I gave up and quit. I had my loaded Galatine and pined Sprag to the wall for minutes on end doing no damage.

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