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I keep getting "account update" problems. Everymission i do i says that it sailed to save what i did and when i go to orokin derelict missions it doesnt give me the currupted mods even though the vault was opened and i made it to extraction with ut being afk for even a second. Also in when doing the tyl regor battle many times the game glitches out right from the start if you start in archwing. you run around with your archwing weapons and can use them and your warframe but the minimap wont work. Not sure if intentional or not but i cant reload while i sprint and with the strun wraith, that nerf  and the boar prime nerf make me want to throw them out, it wont let me shoot until i have a full magazine and the reload bar keep stryng to fill up when i run, if it is intentional dont you think its silly to make players have to stop sprinting to reload even though your trying to make it so we are always moving.

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