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[Concept Melee Weapon] Panku Dart


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A rope dart based weapon dealing puncture and slash damage (please note due to the new update I am currently unsure if Melee use in midair is still in the game so I left it in)


Reborn in the orokin era. from a discarded tune to a beautiful hum its journey begins anew once more.

Weapon stats:

Puncture 50

Slash 10

Spin attack 30

Throw attack 140

Leap attack 50 (directional)

Leap attack (ground) 10 (+20% stagger chance for enemies)

Wall attack 200

Crit chance 11%

Critical multiplier 2x

Channeling cost 7 (adjustable with mods)

Status chance 5% (but 100% in slide attacks)

Status effect bleeding

No stamina cost due to new update

Attacks speed 0.994

Weapon attacks

Normal attacks

primary/secondary Melee Keys/buttons will use the head of the rope dart as a dagger dealing slash damage

Hold the Melee key/button to perform a long range puncture attack similar to the thrown weapons attacks however able to punch through enemies. Max hit range is 10m and is not affected by mods, however the darts flight speed is effected by mods like whirlwind and is only slight effected by fury with only a +50% flight speed.

The slide attack is used to slash enemies in a wide area doing a knock back effect due to the enemies knee caps being slashing open doing low damage but stoping enemies from attacking in hordes (useful against infested and those ruddy butchers)


Using a stance mod called "sweeping guard" will keep enemies at bay using arcing slashing attacks and orbiting CC combos

E.G "placeholder combo" tap tap hold tap will result in a two quick strikes and a orbit like slashing effecting all enemies in a area making them stagger and receiver a bleeding proc. Drops from infested ancients or in extremely rare grineer heavy gunners from Ceres. Has a chance to stagger the target during any third move in the stance.

Using a stance mod called "focused shot" will achieve reverse effects from the sweeping guard, whereas sweeping guard is focused on crowd control; focused guard is CQB based so it uses the rope dart head as a dagger

Example combo "placeholder combo" tap block hold tap will make the user perform a stab push away and then a two long range slashes. Drops from Grinner scorpions or in extremely rare cases the Sand Rays on the Ceres/Mars tile sets. Will do 2x dmg on the second move of any combo in this stance.

Please note due to be it being looked at as op and all I don't plan to add many stances combos , however they will be flashy stance combos I can tell you now.

Air attacks

The user will perform a single attack (which does not increase movement speed or movement range in compliance with the new movement system)

This attack involves the user spinning the rope dart and hurling it at the target object

The ground attack of this weapon is similar to the air attacks except the user moves faster down than it does forward in the usual air attack


Use the block key/button will result in the user doing a dagger like parry when shot at


(If you don't ever use counter completely ignore this section because you won't interest you)

Anyway. When a enemy is staggered, the distance between you and the enemy results in different counters and damage.

At 10m away the user will do long range slash resulting in a variety of multipliers from a minimum of 1.5x to a max of 2.5x multiplier (isn't effected by mods)

At 5 meters and under the user will send the rope darts head throw the enemy always resulting in a 2.5x multiplier( is affected by mods)


Stealth finisher

The user strangles the target using the rope part

3x multiplier

Ground finisher

User will use the the head of the rope dart to perform a dagger like ground finisher

2.7 x multiplier


Channelling effects come from the rope darts head not the rope.

And channeling has a 2.2x multiplier

Weapon design

The rope dart would have 0.5m of the rope loosely hanging from the capsule and the rope dart head in the users right hand, and the other 9.5m wrapped in a capsule on the users right shoulder which would then slide out and retract when the user threw the rope dart head,

The ropes texture would be of a Tenno type rope much like the uru sugatra's but one that doesn't thin out. The head would be of a slightly curved kunai

[image to come soon] plans for destral skin

And forest camp skin in progress

For more weapon, warframe, quest concepts look at me

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