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Is Master Thief Bugged?


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Since Update 17 was launched, I can't open more than 10% of all the lockers I try to unlock with the Master Thief mod. Definetly something is wrong, because it was working perfectly before U17.


EDIT: looks like I figured out what the problem (or bug?) is. Apparently, if you try to unlock the better lockers (before Update 17 you could get lots of credits from them) inside the rooms with just an entrance (like the ones I'll post screenshots after this), they won't unlock that easily. Meanwhile, when you try to open the other lockers that are scattered all around the map, they will open more easily, just like before Update 17.


I guess the issue here if with the better lockers. Some wrong coding or perhaps a secret nerf to Master Thief?



These are two examples of rooms with the better lockers:





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I noticed the same thing and reported it in the bug forums, also in the U17 bug megathread. If this is a deliberate nerf, it will make me pretty sad. Farming those lockers was/is the only way I can keep a steady supply of credits going.

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I opened a ticket for this on the day u17 was released. still no response. yes i understand that they are busy. i know its prob not high on their list of priorities but when my credit making has dropped by about 60% because of this, i and a lot of players will probably deem this important. 


but when they have responded to another ticket i had opened after this one, then all i can presume is that it is a nerf. even scavenge on my kubrow doesnt work anymore. my kubrow just stares at the locked cabinet and then glitches out and runs through the nearest wall lol. 


If it is a nerf then i find it a little sad that DE sneak it in by blindsiding us with U17 and hope we just dont notice. 


I hope im wrong!

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