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Tennos Talk In Place Of The Lotus!? Maybe?


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I thaught it would be awesome for fellow Tenno to give you missions as well. And no im not talking about players giving players missions, i thaught about it more like in certain missions the Warframe/Tenno would talk to you instead of the Lotus.


I thaught it was a really cool idea cause in truth it was a weird dream i had last night, result of playing too much Warframe, i was doing an Interception Mission and instead of the Lotus contacting me it was Sayrn! she said something about planting her Venom into the Grineer Cloning or something....


And then i woke up!! And it got me thinking...With the Tenno and abilities what missions would they have us do and what would they say in place of the Lotus?


I wonder what Ember would say lol


Did i mention that i imagined Sayrns face? She had blond hair and bl...meh! It's not important.

Besides i highly doubt the DE got anyone else but Rebecca to Voice Act. It'll never happen (  v _ v) oh well still a pretty cool idea and just so you know i guess  my dream and this topic is related to the Topic deathtothelotus so check that out! PEACE!!!

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When dark sectors were not on armistice I believe the clan's warlord sent some messages in that way


I always thought it was weird that the Lotus would be able to simultaneously contact millions of Tenno at the same time.


Guess she's a super AI, with Tenno as her first line of defense lol.


I thaught about it more and seeing how big it would be to have a Tenno talk it would have to be an EVENT non of importane to the story of course or maybe

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i would like the idea to change our communications like:


a corpus A.I. that went rogue and is helping us would be a good one.

a tenno operate that is good at intel

a grineer that has resigned to the fact the queens are a lie.


each one would give some kind of perk like the corpus could ensure doors are unlocked

the tenno item radar

grineer could give an enemy radar.


this would give a reason to use another and this could be a random thing depending on a vote system(which would mean DE would have to fix the connection issue we still have.)

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