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The Glitch Thread (New!)


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Sorry if pagestretch
So, I was playing along this submersible questline, and i took a hard left after entering archwing mode for the first time on this specific mission, now I see this long tunnel, and i venture down it, at the end is just a blank abyss, after going ramming speed into said blank abyss, i turned around aaaand...
(note; that is not someones cellphone number, its a code for grand theft auto V, ignore it)
Not sure what this is, but it's obviously not done. perhaps put a wall there until future bugfixes can be made?
EDIT: Forgot this second angle from where i see the black abyss.

I play around in the laurunda relay, theres alot of cool people that hang around. anyway, i was in mission control and i fell under the map, and i walked into a box under steel meridian.

Picture from where i walked in
View from the other side 
There's a crack in the top right corner of this box, you can see steel meridian inside.

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