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Option To Take Along Another Grakata Instead Of A Melee Weapon?


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The "melee" Grakata would basically just be a club, right? We'd whack the enemies with the magazine part?

Only after you've run out of ammo in all 4 grakatas, which should take about 10 seconds or so.

Then you can beat every thing to death or throw all your empty shell casings at enemies.

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OR...... 5 Grakatas


Dual Prisma Primary

Dual Grakata Secondary

Grakata Gunblade.


Let's not forget the inevitable Grineer Sentinel, which will probably just be a floating Grakata with the option to spawn mini-Grakatas like Itzal's Fighter Escort.

All of which shoot mini grakatas that cause enemies to explode into a pile of grakatas.

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