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Keys Guide



Keys, keys! We all scream for...wait wrong quote...

Anyways we know what this is about. Void Keys are probably the BIGGEST grind in this game at the start, and I can help a lot with that.

Keys are what you use to gain Prime Parts or Forma.

These Void Keys have 4 different difficulties, each ranging different levels.

1: 10-20

2: 20-30

3&4: 30-40

For Survivals, Defenses, & Interceptions.

1: 10-15

2: 15-20

3&4: 20-25

Each difficulty grants different Prime Parts, and each mode but Hijacks, Excavations, & Spys are included.

The Void is also a focus in several quests. Two being The New Strange, & The Arcane Codices

Back to keys, typically, Excavations, Spys, Sabotages, and Interceptions can grant keys.

Spys & Low Level Sabs grant T1

Excavations, medium level Sabs, & Low level interceptions can grant T2 & 3 keys

T4 keys are exclusive to Interceptions.

You can also join a syndicate and exchange Standing to purchase Void Key Packs at Rank 2. (They are also buyable for 75 Plat on the market)

Keys are also tradable, and can be used to create Orokin Derelict Keys, but that's a different story.

I hope I helped a few of you out. And as always, Tenno, Good Luck.

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