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Please Change Toxic Chroma + Fix Idea


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After update 17 chromas toxic form now buffs reload speed and holster speed which doesn't fit the melee theme it once had and also is hugely outclassed by fire,ice and electric for tanking.

My solution which I wrote about before the update is to have green elemental ward increase channeling efficiency for melee weapons, this would be is effected by power strength and other factors the other elements have.

Why would this be effective?

1. Able to channel life strike more = more tankiness
2. Able to block channel more with the reflection mod and innate reflection = immortal while block channelling (energy permitted)
3. Increase in diversity of melee builds as channel mods can be used with the drawback diminished.

So rounding up. It would make toxic more tanky in the form of block channelling and life strike which is in the same theme as the other colours. Also it could also make chroma more effective with melee weapons as channeling mods can be used without down sides  which would fit the melee theme toxic chroma once had. 


Viva tanky toxic revolution! ;)

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i think chroma's green color should proc any weapon he's holding with either viral or poison effect. it could be like saryn's contagion but stronger.

the good think about that would be that it will also effect squad members ^_^ it doesnt need to be stronger id settle for an even matchup

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