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New Earth Sabotage - Where Do I Put My Antitoxin?


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So, with U17 a rework of the Earth Sabotage Missions rolled out. You can now put your antitoxin into a grineer console and retrieve a red thingy from it before heading to the actual toxin injector.


Only problem is, the toxin injector itself now only has 1 console. Where do i put this new "Grineer Biocatalyst" to apply my Antitoxin?

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Use the left console to supply the antitoxin, or the right one to do it without. Then the red thingy comes out regardless of whether you provide antitoxin or not. Take that to the injector and run the cycle.


I haven't noticed much in the way of a reward, even using vermillion (the most resource intensive to produce) so I'm hoping that will get a redo soon.


The amount of plant scanning (arguably the most unexciting and unrewarding activity that anyone has ever put into a video game) needed for no noticeable reward is kinda ridiculous.

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