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Loki's Decoy "target Obstructed" Bug (Inconsistent)


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Did some spy missions on Hapke, Ceres for the new mod when I discovered issues concerning Loki's Decoy, it would constantly give a Target Obstructed error when trying to switch teleport to it, despite there being nothing to block it, spamming the button constantly will just spam the error message at the bottom. This has only happened after U17 and I have not had any issues with it before.



Trying to spam the button, not very clear in picture 



Closer image to show where it was standing


On occasions after moving around a bit it may decide to actually teleport, and work maybe once or twice, then break again, which is why I labeled this as inconsistent.


However it gets quite annoying in spy missions where I'm wasting time and energy spamming decoy and switch teleport trying to figure out if it was actually obstructed or bugged

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