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Underwater Tilesets - Remove Toxic Blooms


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They deal too much damage.


Movement is too slow to allow you to move away from them.


Their radius is too large.


There are too many of them in narrow underwater sections of a map.


They. Are. Not. Fun. (seeing these words a lot lately, about numerous things in Warframe, from knockdown to tar, to grappling hooks to, well...this). 


Now I know tons of people will come in here with their typical, thoughtless 'Get Gud' and 'I know this is about your lack of skill' garbage. Its the internet.


But the real problem with these toxic blooms is that last part. They arent fun. They limit maneuvering room in already cramped spaces where momentum matters. They inhibit strategic or tactical play on these already crowded map tiles. They contribute nothing and just serve to frustrate people who are playing in an already unfamiliar environment.


Please remote the toxic blooms from underwater areas.

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