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Why Do We Not Have An Arcane Slot (Or Two)? Suggestion


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It was an even worse idea binding arcanes to cosmetics, right after DE said it was a bad idea binding stats to the original arcane helmets and thus removed them. The recent band aid fix -Arcane Distiller - does not solve this issue properly either, as credits and time are still wasted every time you "refund" an arcane.


Secondly, Arcanes should either be reusable, or upgradable like Mods- meaning you only need 1 unranked arcane and credits to max it, rather than wasting up to 10 of the same on a single syandana. What a horrible half-baked system, and such a bad reward that leaves little incentive to run the raid, or experiment with different arcanes.


Not to mention trying to buy some of these on Trade (@100p each) means around 1000p each per arcane plus millions of credits. DE needs to fix this, and reward, not punish, those who suffer through the raid.


Also would be cool to see Nightmare Raids drop dual-stat Nightmare Arcanes.

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I prefer to buy them than care about raids

and that what DE wants to achieve.They know all of the problems

but dont really care since u spent  plat to obtain them.

They made it like so you as aplayer to buy them instead

of playing them.Raid is awful as a mission and gathering

team is a nightmare.Not to mention the horrible lack of

dedicated servers for something like that or the horrible hosting


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If these weren't tied to syandanas I'd actually run daily raids. I own pretty much every syandana because at one point I saw one and thought it would look good for a particular Warframe. I bought the fish armor set because I thought it looked cool on hydroid and it does on hydroid. I'm not about to slap that goofy fish tail on any other frame and I'm not about to take it off hydroid. So I don't run raids (just an example).

If I could upgrade them like you suggested, or really any other way than this nonsense, I'd rank up multiples of the same enchantment to put on different syandanas. As it stands I have to get 10 of the same enchantment when there are 20 in two tables, NM being diluted with useless resource BPs, it's not worth my time.

If the raids were the least bit engaging I'd run them just for fun, but they took so much of what makes Warframe busy work and stuffed it into a three part mission where the only tension or suspense you feel is when you think the host is about to lose connection.

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