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Now I'm Confused About Forma



I know it resets the rank of the weapon so I have to re level it each time.


What I'm confused about is how many times a weapon can be polarized and how exactly does the polarization work? Does it polarize a random mod slot or am I presented with a choice to change/add a polarization and then a polarization choice?

I'm planning on getting a ton of formas to buff up boltor beyond sane but I'd like to know in advance what I'll be doing and what's actually possible.

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How and when do I reset a weapon?

Once it's rank 30 and you have a Forma (Either from Alerts, Login Rewards or for 20 Platinum, same deal as potatoes).


There will be a Forma icon next to the reactor/catalyst slot once it hits rank 30.

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As far as we know this won't reset the potato correct?

Potato is kept intact! You DO have to re-level your weapon of course.

There's another thread in GD about using Forma over and over again. It can be done.


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Reseting a weapon to rank 1, this weapon obtain a polarity slot?


(sorry for my bad english :( )

If I understand you correctly. What happens is you play normally as you do now. When the weapon is level 30, you see another little square that says "upgrade" only instead of an orokin catalyst there's a gold item called "Forma" that you can buy with platinum or find blueprints and build. When you do that (I unequipped all my mods beforehand I don't know if you have to) you can choose a polarity of your choice and add it/change on one of the slots of the weapon. Your weapon goes back to level 0 after that's done.

Good luck and have fun!

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Can someone who has actually tried polarizing the same weapon TWICE confirm whether it is possible? It seems like everyone who doesn't actually know is simply repeating what everyone else who don't actually know either is saying.

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