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Grineer Galleon - Rescue Mission - Commander Traps Player Under Stairs And Other Weirdness! (Large Images)


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Hello, as Mag I was playing a Private Rescue mission on a Grinner Galleon (Numa, Saturn), and it was going along just fine until I reached the room where the captive was being held.  There was a crapload of Grineer in there, so I went to head out for cover when a Commander teleports me further into the room, just as the ship enters lockdown.  Acting quickly I melee'd a couple Grineer to death, just when the Commander teleports me again (I believe there was only one commander in the room) and I end up in a very strange spot:




After it sinks in that I'm trapped under some stairs I start panicking, jumping up and down trying to find a way out, while Lotus exclaims that the Tenno captive apparently freed themselves (note the green dot on radar):




Eventually by some chance the Commander notices where he trapped me and decides to switch teleport again, getting himself stuck in there while I kill the rest of the Grineer in the room.




However, trying to kill the Commander as the last target got me stuck under the stairs again, us giving each other a stare down:




Until I noticed someone else was there with me.




My new roommate didn't like me very much and I had to get rid of him. I tried to see how he got in, but there's no way in or out besides teleporting.  How did he get trapped as well?

Eventually the Commander got me out again and I proceeded to kill him and continue on the rest of the mission (spoiler: I didn't make it). I have no idea how any of this happened, but I just wanted to share my experience with the forum. (I also sent a support ticket)


Bonus fruity room (later in same mission):





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Heya Turret_49!

Sorry to hear about these issues you were having.


Thankyou very much for posting these screenshots and taking the time to make this detailed writeup!

Always appreciate the bug reports, and these are great! (detailed descriptions, pics, minimap in view. Excellent!)

We'll have a look!


Ps. Fruity room lol <3


Keep up the good work!



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