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May We Obtain An Option For Going Straight To A Crouching Position While Jogging Or Walking?


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With U17 and Parkour 2.0, which brought quite a few new things on the table to savour and integrate into gameplay with regards to movement, there is one feature taken out from the previous movement set, and that is the ability to go straight down to crouching mode while just holding down the Direction keys (i.e.: Pressing the crouch key while holding the direction keys would result in the Warframe instantly going down to crouching mode.). Instead, with Parkour 2.0, the Warframe will do a power slide when the Crouch key is pressed while holding down the Direction keys, irregardless if the Sprint key is held down or not. 


While this mechanic does serve to improve the flow of movement, it does mean that while going for stealth missions, it becomes awkward to have to stop holding the Direction key, then press the Crouch key in order to duck behind a piece of cover or railing to hide from enemies due to the lack of intuitiveness. While I did find somewhat of a workaround (Direction key + Roll + Crouch key while in the animation of rolling), it still propels the Warframe at a slow pace and at a forward direction for a bit of time, and that can sometimes end a good stealth run due to overshooting and getting spotted. 


Based on this, may we have an option to toggle the ability of power sliding when the Crouch key is pressed while holding down the Direction key, just like how the auto vaulting mechanic can be toggled to either be activated or deactivated, depending on the player's preference? 

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That would be impossible and unrealistic. 


You can't just run, gain velocity then stop in one spot without any further inertia movement. 



While it is true that one cannot gain velocity and stop in one spot without any further inertia movement, jogging, then suddenly stopping to crouch is pretty realistic, as the inertia is easily controlled for this instance, with either just a visible, yet slight shift towards the direction one is running or an almost undetectable shift. You can even try it yourself; just go out for a jog, then instantly stop to crouch. Most likely than not, it would end up with you either having your body tilted forward a slight bit, you still moving a small bit, or no detectable movement after the stop apart from the ducking motion. 


EDIT: I should clarify a bit. Your upper body will still move forward when crouching down from one leg, but that leg can provide enough force to oppose the inertia from jogging, thus not moving from the spot it has stopped. 


On a tangential note: This game never really did sell itself on realism, and realism can be sacrificed if it hinders gameplay options for players. 

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