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Sentinel 2.0, New Sentinel, Warframe, Auras


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So has there been any player output about getting a Sentinels 2.0? We've had melee, damage, and parkour, along with a smidge of Warframe Abilities. But, as far as I can tell, sentinels have been mostly untouched ever since they added the anti-afk function to them. I searched forums a bit, but haven't found mention.


So if there isn't, some ideas from me.


A Sentinel command hotkey/menu. 


Combat commands

Do away with each sentinel's combat cards. Replace them with a 3-choice menu option. Passive, Defensive, and Aggressive. Let a player run a rescue mission with a Djinn if they need the extra firepower without risking losing stealth.


Ability commands

Bind sentinel abilities to 5, put it's timer up by the sentinel's health/shield bar, and let players use it like one of theirs. Only abilities that wouldn't be bound are Ghost, Investigator and Vacuum for obvious reasons. Vaporize, Fatal Attraction, and Crowd Dispersion would be bound. The option to toggle whether the Sentinel  automatically use their own abilities would be beneficial.



As Warframes level, so do their health, shields and energy reserves. But Sentinels remain constant except with mods. Adjust the sentinels so that, by the time they reach rank 30, they should have the same durability as a lower-strength warframe. They always seemed somewhat "alive."



Warframes have auras that affect other warframes, but sentinels could have their own that only affect other sentinels.

Targeting range, chance to self-revive each time after death, damage, passive vitals regen, attack speed, increase status+crit chances. Things that would make the sentinels a bit more durable, useful, etc.


A new sentinel

Corpus love to dissect Warframe tech. And Helios was a nice bit of that game going the other way. Corpus loves its Ospreys. And those Ospreys remind me a lot of our Sentinels. Take a little Osprey wing propulsion, an elongated Wyrm body (more "looks like a dragon than a scrunched up rubberband"), and a fancy new name. Puks a breed of domesticated dragons, are small and protective. A fitting name.


Shade has the highest health at 350. I'd propose, at max rank, that Puk have around 400 or 450 health, and 100 health. Lower than Wyrm/Carrier prime, higher than any other sentinels. 50 shields should be good, on match with Shade.


It's weapon is something that sentinels currently (Effectively) lack. A long-range high-damage weapon. Similar to the opticor (a visible charge up and accurate beam). Usable only on Puk or Helios (since they're the only corpus-designed sentinels) (maybe expand Helio's deconstructor to Puk as well). 


Clip: 3

Reload: 5

Charge up: 2

Delay between shots: 4

Crit: 5.0%

3.0 Crit Mult.

Status: 15.0%

Damage changes based on color: 

Red, magenta, brown, orange and bright yellow: Blast

Blue and purple hues: Magnetic

Green, lime, teal and dark yellow: Radiation

White, grey, black and other faded colors: Corrosive


Ability: hadn't quite figured this one out yet. Maybe another "based on energy color" route to explore.


As the weapon charges, the outlines of its armor plates start to glow with its energy color before releasing.


A Sentinel-themed warframe would also be helpful. A Vauban cousin, if you will. Vaub is more the grenade/trap specialist, another warframe would be like a technological frame.




Standing in the shadows of his successful cousin Vauban, who favored grenades and traps, his cousin has waited to make his presence known. Smaller, more agile, slightly weaker but better shielded, Trudaine turned his eye to support and tactical control. Lifelong fascination to the use and maintenance of Warframe companions known as Sentinels. Through extensive training, code research, studying and (friendly) testing, Trudaine has mastered the mechanics behind our allies. With adapted Corpus-Tenno tech blends, he can quickly quickly empower, or revitalize, the sentinels of his teammates, pushing the little machines to extraordinary ability.


250 Health

300 Shield

30 Armor

275 Power

1.1 Sprint Speed


Ability 1: Designate: Targeted enemy gets marked to be attacked by sentinels. Sentinels that attack it do an additional 10/15/20/25% damage and the target has reduced armor/resistance to sentinel damage by 15/20/30/40%. Lasts 4/6/10/15 seconds. Though if your enemy is still alive after 15 seconds you've a problem. While only the caster's sentinel will have their targeting priorities changed, all other sentinels who happen (or are directed by their Trudaine to attack the same target) will also benefit. Multiple Trudaines using Designate on the same target will have non-compounding stacks. (In other words, 2 trudaines can increase sentinel damage on a target by 50%, 3 by 75 and 4 by 100)


Ability 2: Maintenance: Wide-AOE Sentinel Heal. Heals sentinels by 25/35/55/85% max health. If a sentinel is destroyed there's a 25/35/50/60% chance that it'll be revived with 25/50/75/100% of its max health and no shields. 


*Ability 3: Adaptive Uplink: Utilizing the player's Codex readings, the sentinel can will be instructed to target the weak points of anything it attacks. Fully scanned bosses will also be susceptible to having their normally-player-targeted weak points hit. Sentinels have a 50/75/100% chance to select an enemy's weakpoint. At max rank, it also grants an increase to sentinel abilities**. Energy drained at 5.0 en/sec.  Affects other player's sentinels. Additional 1 energy drained a second for each nearby sentinel.


*Ability 4: Overdrive:  Increases sentinel firing speed and reload speed by 15/30/45/60% on toggle at 5.0 en/sec. Also increases targeting range by 35% on all levels. Additional 1 energy drained a second for each nearby sentinel. Affects other player's sentinels. Additional 1 energy drained a second for each nearby sentinel.


*Abilities 3 and 4  cannot be used by the same Trudaine. However, two trudaines playing can gain the effects of the other while using their own (player 1 using Uplink can be affected by player 2 using Overdrive and vice versa). Greatly help with tacticality.


**How abilities are changed:

Carrier's Vacuum will pull from an additional 50% range

Wyrm's Radial Stun will reach 15% further and last 2 seconds longer

Dethcube's Vaporize will deal 25% more damage and stun 1 second longer

Djinn's Fatal Attraction: Deals 50% more damage, lasts 3 seconds longer, 10% increase in range

Helios' Investigator: Scans 50% faster at 25% increase range. Also provides 10% increased damage on targets for 5 seconds // Detect Vulnerability: Lasts 50% longer and can select an additional enemy for marking

Shade's Ghost: First melee hit deals 75% increased damage and begins cloaking from 50% further away




And lastly, not sentinel related at all but I still think a good idea, would be

Corrupt Auras.

Right now we have corrupt mods which lower one stat and raise another. As a team member, we may allow ourselves to weaken in one area while boosting something of our teammates. Lower my shield strength (similar to Corrupted key for vaults) to increase the damage resistance and shield recharge of all my teammates. I don't have many ideas, so that would be by player feedback.


Many of these ideas I've brought up before, but have since refined given updates. My last post on the topic was last June, and the game is drastically different since then.



I also tried to truncate many of the ideas and abilities, as well as change them to suit recent updates.

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I think Corrupt Auras are a bad idea. You'd be bringing down the rest of your team completely randomly, and they'd have no way to prevent it (assuming you were in a public match).

EDIT: Sorry, i reread it, and it makes far more sense. I still doubt that most players would use it, because there is no direct benefit for them, but ignore my previous statement.

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Not your team, only you. The team gains the benefits, you gain the suffering.


Perhaps. Unless you were using a weapon, like maybe the Amprex, and wanted a corrupted Aura that slowed fire rate.


It has potential if developed properly. Plus, could be safe to say that the player would gain the benefit as well as the damage. The entire team benefits,

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