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Patience +100% Luck Modifier


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So I was getting tired after reading all the threads about how parkour 2.0 is so slow, and power grinding missions all day every day since the update, so I decided, hey why not just take it easy for a bit.


So I decided to go run Titania, solo, with my excalibro without any abilities, just taking along my Hek, no parkour or running around, just taking a stroll and splatting the grineer against the walls with my shotgun.


Start the mission, few rooms in, sentient spawns, scanned, got the quest unlocked. Head to the boss room, killed a manic bombard, got vermillion storm, some nice luck going on. Finish up, blow up some more grineer, head to extraction, get the last equinox part that I needed.


Overall, that single run that took 4-5 times longer than any of the speed runs I've done so far, was by far the most rewarding. Been a good day.

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