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Late Thread: Coming Back To The Game


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Hi frands.


I stopped playing this game sometime ago before Archwing was released, came back a few days after it was released, did like half the quest, and then kinda just fell off the face of the starchart after that.


About a month ago (the 15th of July to be exact) I came back. Boy, did I miss a lot. Events, Primes, Drama, some Archwing video I never wound up doing, and something about Sinclair’s shekel scheme. I sure did have a lot to get caught up with, and I can safely say that by now I got a good majority of the primes I missed, got some Prisma stuff I missed from Baro, and even the Machete Wraith which I missed ages ago cus I was away for a good bit and missed Gradivus.


Oh, and I missed out on voting for a plantframe instead of the oreo cookie frame we got with U17, though she's neat despite whatever people-hating jerk decided she was to be seperated into a trillion parts. Yeah I kinda gave up on that already, holy ruk man.


I also host this Warframe blog: http://bin-warframe.tumblr.com/ along with a friend, and thus since I came back have been posting a bunch of stuff daily. 


So yeah, looks like I'm back on the farm, to grow shiny things to kill enemies with so I can get shinier things. Hope that Oculyst finds me soon...

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