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Mirage + Supra - Bullets Flying At Weird Angles


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Okay, finally i've been able to give my Forma'd Supra some more play time again.

The buffs are really help a lot.


Now i've been using the Supra a lot since U17, and everythings great.

In the past i often used Mirage's Hall of Mirrors combined with the Supra to just spray the whole screen with bullets, so i wanted to try that out again.


First i went on some solo Missions and everything worked perfectly like i expected it too.

It was just a glorious Wall of glowy Death - Lots of spray but everything going the direction i aimed at.

When i played online however using HoM + Supra, the bullets fly all over the place.


Partly they would just fly in completely different directions and angles.

the weirdest thing however was the bullets flying straight for a bit and then changning their direction literally at a 90° angle. Some bullets looked like they avoided obstacles and flew around them.

However barely any of these bullets hit anything.


I've did several online runs and this happened almost all of the time and i have no idea why thats happening since it works normally when playing solo.


Anyone got a similar experience?

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