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Rank 10 Maxed Mods

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Hey guys, this is Mashala, and I hope you are all good.

I have a few maxed mods to sell. Let me know if anything catches your eye ;D




Maxed Heavy cal- 459p

Maxed transient fortitue- 459p

Maxed Blind Rage- 459p

Maxed narrow minded- 459p

Maxed Bite(kubrow mod)-459p

Maxed Silver kubrow mods- 399p(per)

Maxed Vitality, redirection, steel fiber-249p per

Maxed Equilibrium- 399p

Maxed hyperion Thrusters/ System Reroute- 459 per

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Sentinel mods//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Maxed Steel fiber, redirection, steel fiber-249p per

Maxed Sanctuary- 459p


Primed mod deals can be made if available. (WARNING: are usually more expensive than maxed gold mods)

Bundles( multiple purchases) can be discussed to make deals and possible discounts( open to negotiation)

Have a good one, good luck, and may RNG forever be in your favor

Edited by Mashala
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