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Revenge Of A Bloodline[Eu] Is Now Recruiting Active And Friendly Players!


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Hello there fellow tenno, i'm trying to revive my more or less dead clan that i built from nothing, so it's time for some recruiting! The clan has been dead for a long time, only myself and a few members are active.What the clan stands for is quite simple, it is a very laid back clan, though that does not mean we don't get serious. A safe haven for people, place where you can feel accepted no matter what. My personal goal for this clan is getting it up and running, active of course, finding new friends and just generally have a blast.
Additional information:
- Want mature people that know when they should act mature and when they can show the childish side.
- Be at least 18+.
- Minimum Mastery Rank we are looking for is 4+.
- Will be doing daily raids, i'm already experienced doing both normal and NM(been doing them with randoms).
- Want social people, that don't mind chatting over mic.
- Having some humour will be needed.
- We have 19 slots open.
- Being active is important, and if you're going to be away for a longer time do give me a headsup, i do cleanup in inactive members fairly often.
- We have everything researched as of now, the moment something new comes up i normally start it ASAP.
Hope to see you people in game then, feel free and comment here or send me a message :)

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