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No-Clip Issues


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Several changes in U8 have allowed the player to have a temporary bit of no-clip mode.  


By no-clip, I mean the player can travel through walls, railings, etc.


Methods to reproduce:


[1] Sprint, slide while spring, and use ability (e.g. snow globe) while sprint-sliding.  Player will cast the ability while continuing to travel slowly in just the horizontal portion of the velocity vector.  This slow travel during the casting animation will ignore walls, stairs, etc.


[2] Scorpions - When they hit you with the whip/lasso, they pull you directly to them in a no-clip state.  If they are standing next to a pit or wall, then you may 'reach' them and be released inside the wall or, less strangely, above a pit that you floated over (Rude!).


It's not a game breaker, as I haven't been bumped into an infinite falling state, but have been snapped back into the map in weird ways.

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